Zahra Marashi

meet-zarha2Zahra Marashi, MA CCP NLSC - Certified New Life Story Coach

A little bit about who I am and what I have to offer you.

My name is Zahra and I am a certified “New life Story” coach which is a graduate program in Life Coaching. This kind of coaching is for all of you out there who want to live life on your terms and now have reached a point where you are no longer willing to settle for anything less than you can be, do, give, create or share. Yes, you are ready
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to take charge of your amazing Gift called Life and create something that is your very own design and art. Short and sweet, you are ready to face the fear of giving up a life by default and change it into a life by design.

What I have to offer you is not much different than that of any Sports Coach. However, my greatest passion is in:

Even the greatest of leaders have a coach. So, why should you have to go it alone? Making changes, big or small is more often than not frightening. After all, we all know what to expect when we go with the flow. However change is an uncharted territory. It does not matter if what you want to do has been done already. What others have done is neither your experience nor you area of expertise. Therefore, you could use all the leverage you can get. When you embark on making any change in your life, you could truly use someone who appreciates and understands your world without judging you; Someone who helps you break your challenges into solvable terms and set measurable goals in order for you to go where you want to go and be whom you want to be. .

As your life coach I will also be, (as well as assist you in creating ) the environment that supports the changes that you are intended on making. When you make any changes in your life you will encounter resistance by your own brain as well as that of the people around you. Let’s say you are overweight. What kind of people do you usually hang out with? …”Oh come-on, just one cookie/beer won’t make or break your diet”. Yes, that is what you are likely to hear from a friend whom you used to hang out at a pastry shop or bar with. As we all know: “Birds of a feather flock together”.

Now, if you decided that you could use a coach in order to make small changes (not that reaching a healthy weight is a small change if you are overweight), just imagine how invaluable a coach can be when you want to make bigger changes. By making drastic changes, you could lose the love and support of many a friend and loved one. As your coach I will be there to support you in keeping the faith that you will end up with better and more loving friends should that be necessary. Who knows, you might just inspire someone else to take their life to a higher level. Wouldn't that be awesome.

Often times, it requires only a small shift in belief, focus or strategies in order to get enormous results. As your coach, I will help you identify those small shifts that you can make in order to get the enormous results concerning your goals. I’ll be your source of leverage among all the other sources of leverage that your creative mind can come up with.

As your coach, I will hold you accountable to a degree which suits your nature best. After all, some people perform best when confronted, and some perform best under loving (and sometimes firm) cajoling or guidance.

I understand that sometimes the hardest part of making a change is making a committed decision and then sticking to it. You always have the option to believe in yourself as well as engaging a professional who also believes in you, appreciates your world without judging you and is a master in facilitating change among other things. Yes, a change expert can come very handy and save you a lot of time when you want to make changes in your life.

I take pride in saying, that I am a change expert (a profession that can eternally be improved on).. I have done it many times throughout my own life. And now I have a toolbox full of a variety of tools and methods (as well a a greater apriciation of any given individual) to collaborate with you in order for you to have what you want most out of your life. Nothing would make me happier than to have the privilege to contribute by helping you live a life you love and are proud of.

Life can be looked upon from so many angles. There are so many things that we can focus on at any given time. You can choose to focus on any progress or improvement or change that you desire. If you are reading these lines, then you know that you are not one of those people that seldom even focus on what matters most to them. You are ready to engage a collaborator, who will be a constant reminder to you that you have a choice what to focus on. After all “what you focus on you feel. What you constantly focus on you will become. …Focus is the ultimate power that was given to us to change the way we feel and think…When you choose to change your focus - YOU CHANGE YOUR LIFE!”- Anthony Robbins.

Just imagine how making even one simple change in focus that leads to a desired outcome will spread into all other areas of your life and fill you with pride and joy and will have you coming back for more.

Now, are you ready to make a mind choice? A committed decision about a change you dearly want to make. You can decide to be the person you want to be this very moment. So, why wait? How is NOW for a good time?

Because, NOW is all you have!